Emigrate – A Million Degrees

For renowned Rammstein’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe the parallel project Emigrate represents a different creative outlet that allows him to passionately explore a wide range of music territories leading to the genesis of the third studio album “A Million Degrees”.

While leaning towards a widely accessible melodic style “War” has its dark & gritty moments as powerful guitar licks and charismatic solo march proudly through industrial blasts and sumptuous atmospheric arrangements.

The title track offers an overdose of catchy electro beats embellished by a vibrant chorus and shimmering guitar melodies that channel positive energy but also softer introspective moments.

Featuring guest vocalist Margaux Bossieux “Lead You On” revolves around bittersweet guitar melodies, hazy electro textures and sultry vocals yet there is a dancey upbeat tempo that truly comes to life in the chorus.

Featuring the unique vocals of Till Lindemann in both German and English “Let’s Go” has a melancholic mood crafted by a series of crispy rock melodies yet everything feels always catchy due to the entertaining electro layers channeling fashionable 80s vibes.

There are goth hints on “I’m Not Afraid” and the guest vocals by the one and only Cardinal Copia of Ghost feel like the perfect fit for the subtle darkened tapestries that constantly dominate the fluent guitar melodies, dreamy synth arrangements and memorable rhythmic crescendo.

On “Eyes Fade Away” nostalgia infused aesthetics become fundamental influencing profoundly the contemplative vocal delivery, the cinematic atmospheric arrangements and the wistful guitar melodies that naturally flow with a lovely rock ballad style.  

It becomes immediately clear that “A million Degrees” does not follow a particular set of rules or any specific sonic template with absolutely catchy tracks often characterized by rather unexpected nuances because here Emigrate shows genuine enthusiasm, a key element that generates such multifaceted work of music.  

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