Icarus Witch – Goodbye Cruel World

Pittsburgh based heavy metal act Icarus Witch worked hard to complete the latest record “Goodbye Cruel World” which marks a new chapter in the band’s career being the first new album in six years and featuring new vocalist Andrew D’Cagna.

The title track aims for a straightforward impact delivering familiar heavy metal dynamics with dominant bold guitar riffs and explosive soloing while even if the soothing vocals often evoke a melancholic mood the chorus feels super catchy.

“Misfortune Teller” continues to rely on a classic heavy metal formula where flawless high pitch vocals and soaring rhythmic patterns hold a crucial role and are further spiced up by a memorable guitar solo.

“Through Your Eyes” might feel more dramatic yet still deliver loads of groovy rhythmic segments while vocals become particularly captivating flowing naturally through energetic guitar passages.

Beginning with somber melodies “The Flood” is an instrumental track that allows the guitar work to truly shine and showcase mature musicianship especially with the flamboyant nature of the soloing.

“Silence Of The Siren” offers another powerful round of traditional heavy metal grooves so once again guitars smoothly shift from tight riffs to glorious soloing through intense rhythmic patterns.

The nostalgic mood of “Antivenom” leads to ballad style moments focusing on a dreamy vocal duet with Katharine Blake and emotionally charged melodic guitar work that here offers another impeccable shredding galore.

Leaving the past behind Icarus Witch confidently return to the metal scene with the solid record “Goodbye Cruel World” where it becomes evident that the band is passionately devoted to the timeless tonalities of heavy metal and AOR.

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