Nachtmystium – Resilient

Following years of silence and major drama Nachtmystium arises from the ashes, joins the  Prophecy Productions family of artists and begins a new chapter releasing the EP aptly entitled “Resilient”.

The title track is probably the most memorable offering on this EP and you can truly perceive painful feelings and bitter emotions flowing through the dense elegant atmospheric arrangements that surrounds and influence the harsh blackened guitar tonalities, the melancholic melodic moments and the raspy growls.

“Silver Lanterns” has a more straightforward approach that diligently follows an atmospheric black metal pathway shifting from faster nightmarish rhythmic dynamics with the expected dosage of tremolo picking to softer nostalgia infused melodies.

The lengthy track “Desert Illumination” again showcases profoundly grim emotions particularly enhanced by the atmospheric introspective momentum and glowing mellow acoustic guitars while later the whole instrumentation fully embraces colder tonalities leading to a faster pace and consequent heavier blackened passages followed by a rather spacey borderline psychedelic finale.  

“Resilient” definitely sounds like a story of redemption and rebirth therefore these songs must be really meaningful for Nachtmystium and there is enough action to spark interest again in the underground scene but we’ll see what the band will deliver in the future.

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