Hate Eternal – Upon Desolate Sands

So many have been anxiously waiting to hear new music from death metal legends Hate Eternal and now you can finally headbang to the massive brutal anthems of the full length “Upon Desolate Sands”.  

Just like the title suggests “The Violent Fury” is rather furious as relentless guitar riffs follow the insanely fast tempo dictated by thunderous drums and simply there is no escape until lead guitars offer brief melodic moments and utter desolation.

Since the beginning “What Lies Beyond” feels a bit different as the rhythmic section doesn’t speed up immediately allowing guitars to craft a diverse range of riffs and somber technical leads yet the classic death metal approach is still absolutely aggressive.

On “Nothingness of Being” the crushing impact of mighty rhythmic blasts cannot be ignored while the perennial fiery guitar riffs and cavernous growls definitely amplify the song’s sinister vibes but you can also perceive a melancholic depth in the lead guitar work.  

As soon as “Dark Age of Ruin” begins you realize that you simply cannot catch a break as guitars march violently through asphyxiating atmospheres delivering dense riffage with technical accents and deliberately following reckless tempo variations.

While the title track confidently maintains a hellish rhythmic core it also offers a generous dosage of arcane atmospheric arrangements that certainly don’t diminish the visceral death metal rage but provide intriguing variations.

Listening to “Upon Desolate Sands” it becomes evident that this is an album dedicated to faithful death metal acolytes and mastermind Erik Rutan has worked meticulously to achieve the heaviest sound for Hate Eternal’s new sonic endeavor.

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