The 69 Eyes Live in Joliet

We had to wait a decade but Goth’n’Roll Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes have finally returned to the United States on the ‘Back From The Grave!’ tour as they are ready to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary this year as well as a brand new album due to be released in September via Nuclear Blast. At the show at The Forge in Joliet The 69 Eyes received a warm welcome from the fans, some of them have never had a chance to see them live while others perfectly remembered their previous US tour back in 2009. For the setlist The 69 Eyes chose many beloved unforgettable songs from their extensive discography opening the show with the anthemic “Devils” followed by “Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear”, “Perfect Skin”, the sultry “Dance d’Amour”, “Feel Berlin”, the iconic “Gothic Girl” and many other favorites. As always vocalist Jyrki 69 proved to be one of the most charismatic rockers in modern times and the band’s chemistry was simply perfect so we really hope to see The 69 Eyes touring again in the United States!

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