Spotlights – Love & Decay

Formed by husband and wife duo Mario and Sarah Quintero and now joined by drummer Chris Enriquez, Spotlights will guide the listeners through major spacey soundscapes with the intriguing third full-length poetically entitled “Love & Decay”.

There is a delicious dark mood running through the dizzy atmospheric waves of “Continue The Capsize” as guitars can easily acquire enigmatic tonalities leading to slightly rebellious rhythmic patterns that will naturally evolve into cathartic melodies that evoke wistful feelings.

The lovely guitar melodies and soft vocals of “The Particle Noise” spread some positive energy further emphasized by the daydreaming atmospheres but there is an impending darkness ready to emerge with the monumental grave distortions of guitars and bass.

“Far From Falling” begins with mysterious atmospheric arrangements that create a quite suspenseful mood introducing a harmonious dreamlike realm where whispered vocals are surrounded by compelling fuzzy guitar melodies and melancholic shoegaze nuances.

On “Until The Bleeding Stops” monolithic guitar riffs acquire heavier sludge tonalities that eventually lead to somber rhythmic patterns and certainly spice up the calmer mixture of soft melodic textures and emotive vocal delivery.

The ethereal composition of “The Beauty Of Forgetting” generates minimalist guitar melodies and contemplative soundscapes yet even if the main melodic essence remains intact guitars will ultimately shift to heavier & groovy progressions to enhance the darker nature of the song creating dramatic almost chaotic rhythmic crescendos.

“Love & Decay” is always filled with genuine emotions as Spotlights use their absolute creative freedom to channel raw energy, to experiment with heavy dynamics and to focus on fragile introspective melodic themes.

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