Backyard Babies – Sliver & Gold

With their signature sleaze rock Swedish rockers Backyard Babies have been quite popular over the past three decades and certainly the best way to celebrate such successful long career is to release the brand new full length “Sliver & Gold” and get the party started.

The passion for classic rock is very much alive on “Good Morning Midnight” which is an explosive album opener relying mainly on gritty guitar riffs to build consistent rock grooves with an underlying rebellious punk attitude.

“Shovin’ Rocks” is all about anthemic rock guitar grooves, flamboyant soloing and no frills rhythmic dynamics that get you moving with an unmistakable raw energy matched by the raucous rocker vocal delivery.

“Yes To All No” still has the expected entertaining rock energy once the upbeat rhythm becomes more dominant but also some deeply melancholic vibes that lead to warm arpeggios and slightly somber vocals.

With “Bad Seeds” we’re back to the party mood as the rock enthusiasm becomes a fundamental element in the guitar riffage and super catchy chorus amplified by the smooth guitar solo.

“44 Undead” is the song that demands to be played loud with an addictive chorus and an irresistible rocker essence perfectly embodied by the edgy vocal delivery, the dirty guitar riffs and the memorable slick guitar solo.

The playful approach of the title track is fueled by the turbulent punk elements combined with an overdose of classic rock grooves but probably the star of the show is the thrilling guitar solo that adds heavier accents and variety.

“Sliver & Gold” definitely holds a nostalgic aura celebrating the good times of rock ‘n roll as Backyard Babies stay true to their renowned rock spirit and confidently put together an energetic collection of catchy songs.


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