Grand Magus – Wolf God

Swedish heavy metal riff masters Grand Magus return with the new album “Wolf God” and this time they decided to jam and record mainly on the first take in order to maintain a genuine approach as close as possible to a live performance.

The title track goes straight to build majestic rhythmic patterns with the band’s signature heavy riffage that gets you ready for battle but the inner somber feelings cannot be ignored and tend to become evident through the mighty passionate vocals.

With a mood shifting from major epic vibes to absolute melancholia “A Hall Clad In Gold” unleashes anthemic guitar riffs, fierce rhythmic blasts and a skillful guitar solo certainly inspired by decades of classic heavy metal while the tasteful melodic passages add a dramatic touch.

“Brother Of The Storm” will please the fans with loads of faster guitar driven grooves that require steady headbanging naturally channeling catchy & triumphant vibes matched by the particularly fervent vocal delivery.

You can perceive the immense passion for epic metal behind “To Live And Die In Solitude” which offers another enjoyable blend of galloping bold guitar riffs and memorable melodic phrases enhanced by the vibrant tonalities of the guitar solo.

“Glory To The Brave” begins with enigmatic borderline trippy bass lines that will hold a dominant role through the intense grooves enriched by the expected epic flavors of the soaring guitar riffs and monumental vocals leading to a memorable chorus that feels like a true battle hymn.

On “Untamed” the whole instrumentation aims to match the title with a series of intense grooves courtesy of thunderous rhythmic segments and glorious guitar riffage that benefit from the extra power provided by the solemn vocals and the flamboyant melodic accents of the guitar solo.

There’s no need for trendy special effects here in fact the fiery strength of “Wolf God” definitely comes from the spontaneous songwriting approach and the excellent musicianship as Grand Magus once again prove to be sincerely devoted to classic heavy metal.

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