Hedonihil – I

Hedonihil is a new thrilling project featuring the talent of Juuso Raatikainen, Mikko Kotamäki and Juho Räihä of beloved Finnish band Swallow The Sun and the result of their collaboration is the untamed sonic assault of the debut album “I”.

“Otherworldly Embrace” opens the album with a lugubrious atmosphere creating a suspenseful mood so you realize that something is about to happen and in fact violent death metal dynamics will be unleashed with undiluted fury through harsh guitar riffs and thunderous drums briefly interrupted by darkened harmonious phrases.

“The Hedonist Anthem” has an inner gloomy melodic soul courtesy of some alluring melancholic guitar melodies but also an utterly hostile sound that generates fast punishing rhythmic patterns further enhanced by merciless growls crawling out of a blackened abyss.

The creepy atmospheric arrangements of “Temple Of Venus” embellish the wrathful rhythmic core impeccably created by super fast drums and crushing guitar riffs but once again shimmering guitar melodies provide some stylish variations.

The misanthropic attitude of “Anti-Human Agenda” relies on another series of frenetic guitar riffs, major hellish growls and consequent menacing rhythmic blasts that call for instant headbanging and demand to be played loud.

The cold-blooded force of “Better Tomorrow” comes from the aggressive rhythmic dynamics as unstoppable guitars ensure solid mosh pit friendly grooves spiced up by some ominous atmospheric accents.

Hedonihil aim to deliver massive blackened death metal anthems and they absolutely succeed as all the tracks on “I” sound relentless, spontaneously brutal and full of negative vibes only demonstrating the eclectic musicianship of this brilliant trio.

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