1349 – The Infernal Pathway

Norwegian black metal titans 1349 reach a new diabolical milestone with the seventh full-length “The Infernal Pathway” which draws its inner pitchblack energy from the band’s primordial roots yet dares to broaden the ferocious sonic manifesto with darkened melodies & atmospheres. 

“Abyssos Antithesis” packs a series of blistering blackened grooves as fiery guitars and monumental drums are clearly fueled by a devastating primal force while the impressive soloing delivers a precise and intense shredding galore. 

The perilous core of “Through Eyes Of Stone” ensures belligerent guitar progressions leading to an asphyxiating heavy momentum as the rhythmic section simply feels unstoppable and Ravn’s growls certainly amplify the darkly anthemic essence. 

On “Towers Upon Towers” you will find plenty of aggressive rhythmic blasts yet the mighty guitar licks will also channel a profound sense of despair with brooding melodic hints and the vocals will acquire extra dramatic depth. 

“Striding The Chasm” is destined to become a favorite with an intense hellish strength leading to addictive black ‘n’ roll grooves courtesy of absolutely menacing heavy guitar riffs, terrific flawless drum blasts and an utterly savage solo. 

“Stand Tall in Fire” dwells within a perennial gelid darkness shifting the focus to total desolation and gloomy grandeur this time through theatrical ominous narratives conveying an arcane flair through the intoxicating guitar melodies and the insanely sinister rhythmic patterns. 

Undoubtedly at the center of “The Infernal Pathway” you can always perceive the Aural Hellfire that symbolizes the sonic realm of 1349 since their inception but the band also continues to spontaneously evolve in order to create a memorable journey through chaos and darkness. 

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