Disillusion – The Liberation

The dark technical music style of German band Disillusion has always attracted a selected audience within the underground metal scene but the new release “The Liberation” which is the first full-length in 13 years definitely has the necessary strength to conquer more listeners and to properly celebrate the band’s comeback.

“Wintertide” reaches an incredible melancholic depth certainly enhanced by the inner despair of the vocals, the extremely somber guitar tonalities and the pensive melodic progressions reminiscent of glorious melo-death themes yet there are moments of inflamed rhythmic intensity as faster drumming and shattering riffs march fiercely through the grand grief stricken atmosphere. 

On “A Shimmer In The Darkest Sea” the whole instrumental ensemble slows down to emphasize the atmospheric gloom and the wistful melodic splendor constantly evoking cathartic emotions and an overwhelming melancholia further expressed by the impeccable sorrowful vocal harmonies. 

The title track grabs your attention with the skillful guitar work blending utterly ravenous riffs and elaborate melodic leads often following frenetic rhythmic segments while the vocals can sound quite solemn matching the epic arrangements that will ultimately lead to calmer moments filled with crispy emotional guitar passages. 

There are plenty of catchy vibes on the chorus of “Time To Let Go” which still showcases a compelling brooding spirit with the contemplative vocal delivery and the perfect blend of aggressive rhythmic dynamics and heartfelt guitar harmonies that at times can evoke a sense of hopefulness with luminous nuances. 

There are so many understated emotions flourishing through the complex composition of “The Liberation” and Disillusion embark on such stylish introspective music journey with unrestrained passion and renewed energy. 

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