King Diamond Live in Chicago

The legendary King Diamond is currently touring across North America in support of “The Institute”, the first studio album in twelve years which will be released in 2020. As expected King Diamond packed The Riviera in Chicago as his music legacy is still extremely strong and the new stage set inspired by the concept of the forthcoming album instantly created a nightmarish atmosphere. As the show started King Diamond appeared wheeled out on a stretcher and when he began to sing “The Candle” his signature falsetto vocals truly impressed the audience. The theatrical horror story reached the acme when King Diamond performed the ritualistic funeral of baby Abigail and the devoted fans absolutely loved the setlist which included the classic unforgettable tracks “Behind These Walls”, “Sleepless Nights” and “The Invisible Guests” plus they had the opportunity to hear for the first time the brand new song “Masquerade Of Madness” which will appear on the upcoming album “The Institution”. There is no doubt, the King is back in excellent shape bringing an insane asylum to deliver a creepy entertaining live experience. 

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