Konvent – Puritan Masochism

Danish death/doom metal quartet Konvent is ready to spread undiluted darkness and impress the underground metal scene with the malevolent debut album “Puritan Masochism”. 

The title track depicts a pitchblack sonic realm with the crushing weight of the guitar riffs surrounded by a nightmarish atmosphere naturally emphasized by the cavernous growls and the monochromatic melodic passages. 

On “World Of Gone” vocalist Rikke Emilie List continues to deliver terrific growls that seem to emerge from hellish depths and the dismal guitar tonalities successfully channel a primal doom force through the imposing riffage and the forlorn melodies. 

The funereal slow motion of “Bridge” favors mournful guitar melodies that inevitably create a sense of desolation that will always linger through the constant monolithic rhythmic segments and the diabolical growls. 

“Waste” begins another dark journey with ominous bass lines swiftly followed by aggressive rhythmic grooves that confidently combine the primordial elements of doom and death metal and the consequent tormented vibes are definitely amplified by obscure screams. 

“Ropes pt. II” reminds you that there is no escape from darkness as the familiar combo of super heavy rhythmic blasts and guttural vocal delivery clearly channels the band’s extreme metal influences while guitars can also focus on dramatically slow burning melodies channeling a sense of despair further emphasized by the enigmatic atmospheric finale. 

Undoubtedly each and every song on “Puritan Masochism” is drenched in darkness as the murky nuances of classic doom are extremely dominant and Konvent are still at the beginning of their career but already seem sincerely devoted to such timeless subgenre. 

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