The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

German blackened death metal band The Spirit is still a new name in the burgeoning underground metal scene but the sophomore full length “Cosmic Terror” is characterized by an intense creative force that will easily attract more listeners. 

“Serpent As Time Reveals” goes straight to a menacing rhythmic assault which aims to showcase the darker and heavier aspects of the band’s sonic pathway in fact even if there are some scattered melodic leads guitars tend to favor a blackened approach further amplified by the constant fast pace and the ravenous growls. 

“The Path Of Solitude” emphasizes that exquisite Nordic melancholy through the recurrent elegant melodic guitar phrases & soloing yet the massive rhythmic section still focuses on aggressive groovy patterns.  

The enraged rhythmic dynamics of “Pillars Of Doom” lead to an overdose of cohesive blackened grooves but such perennial fury is well balanced by the comforting gelid guitar melodies and the somber tonalities. 

The instrumental title track doesn’t really deviate from the chosen formula as the savage rhythm still relies on a blistering black metal inspiration to deliver terrific grooves while following a slower pace the delightful melodic guitar work expresses grim feelings and adds variety to the sorrowful atmosphere. 

Throughout “Cosmic Terror” the relentless guitar driven grooves always hold a dominant role allowing The Spirit to showcase their skillful musicianship supported by a solid production and an energetic songwriting. 

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