Today Is The Day – No Good To Anyone

Experimental metal outfit Today Is The Day returns with the eleventh album “No Good To Anyone” which is a particularly cathartic opus for visionary mastermind Steve Austin as it also symbolizes his personal battle with pain and adversities. 

The title track is drenched in darkness due to the forlorn vocal delivery and the extremely somber psychedelic tonalities of the captivating guitar progressions which will evolve into heavier ominous riffs within a faster enigmatic rhythmic ensemble. 

On “Son Of Man” the overdose of fuzzy guitars leads to psychedelic twisted harmonies that might make you feel dizzy and the spontaneous blend of laid back grooves and heavier rhythmic blasts amplifies the grim feelings.  

“Burn In Hell” has the capacity to unleash some aggressive noise borderline death metal guitar riffs shifting from a moody slow paced approach to a dramatically faster and chaotic sonic realm. 

“Cocobolo” often focuses on mellow spacey guitar passages and calm vocals but there is also a quite fierce groovy momentum and such sonic diversity definitely emphasize the contrasting emotions. 

“Callie” sounds quite different as the glowing soulful guitar melodies become the main focus and the introspective vocals flow gently through the melancholic instrumental passages evoking even a fragile sense of hopefulness. 

The murky atmosphere of “Mercy” surrounds the monochromatic vocals and the fuzzy guitar riffs but later this anguished mood is spiced up by the rebellious attitude of the groovy rhythmic ensemble.  

On “Born In Blood” there is an increasingly darker vibe embedded in the slow burning guitar riffs that will eventually become wilder with intense spaced out tonalities and vibrant psychedelic accents. 

“Rockets And Dreams” is a longer track that offers loads of comforting dreamy guitar melodies and the emotive themes feel particularly strong in the midst of extremely trippy atmospheric layers. 

From all the darkness embodied by “No Good To Anyone” a message of love emerges triumphantly and you will instantly appreciate how Today Is The Day focuses on an innovative composition and a sincere emotional turmoil. 

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