Insect Ark – The Vanishing

Insect Ark features a powerful partnership between Dana Schechter (Swans) and Andy Patterson (ex SubRosa) and the new full length “The Vanishing” promises to be a hypnotic sonic experience so get ready to space out like there’s no tomorrow. 

“Tectonic” is surrounded by a blurry atmosphere with drone style sounds that enhance the darkened composition and the guitar work focuses on moody melodic phrases that shine through the steady monochromatic rhythmic patterns. 

On “Philae” the slow burning guitar melodies and electrifying distorted tonalities will induce a trance state and the soft rhythm surrounded by a perennial murky atmosphere amplify the cinematic approach. 

The smooth melodic guitars on “Danube” almost feel like a comforting lullaby even if the tonalities can often sound darker flowing gently through the mesmerizing atmospheric waves and the occasional rhythmic crescendos continue to maintain a dreamy mood. 

The title track tends to stay true to the ethereal vision of the whole album with the perfect dosage of gloomy & graceful melodies yet it showcases major experimental twists leading to borderline claustrophobic atmospheres and dissonant tones. 

Like a wild unpredictable journey “The Vanishing” could take you anywhere, maybe even to outer space, as Insect Ark invite you to join their personal daydream with trippy melodies and enigmatic atmospheres. 

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