Novena – Eleventh Hour

Featuring frontman Ross Jennings of Haken new progressive metal/rock band Novena will certainly garner attention with the complex debut release “Eleventh Hour”. 

“22:59” begins with a luminous choral introduction swiftly followed by dazzling guitar melodies that channel a great positive energy while the main rhythmic section shifts from a laid back approach to flamboyant heavier proggy patterns matching the contrast between smooth clean vocals and aggressive growls. 

With a soulful ballad style “Sail Away” evokes a comforting serenity due to the minimalist piano melodies and whispered vocals surrounded by a dreamy melancholic atmosphere emphasized by the mellow rhythm. 

The stunning intricate track “Lucidity” is destined to become a favorite showcasing a remarkable complexity that leads to brilliant guitar progressions ranging from groovy riffage to exquisite melodies while the inspiring emotional motif is constantly expressed by the passionate vocals and the impeccable piano melodies.   

“Corazón” maintains an evident prog metal formula putting the spotlight on the stellar guitar work mainly focused on eclectic melodic passages accompanied by lovely multifaceted vocals while the final part becomes particularly playful and happy with warm Latin nuances and an irresistible dancey flamenco rhythm. 

On “The Tyrant” you will find thrilling syncopated rhythmic patterns so the intricate prog metal composition holds a dominant role with massive guitar riffs and stellar soloing accompanied by violent growls yet the ethereal melodic essence will always find a way to evoke peacefulness & melancholy with bittersweet clean vocals and gorgeous guitar phrases that seem to glow with a refreshing energy through the heavier rhythmic segments. 

The grand finale comes with the majestic opus “Prison Walls” that offers an insanely wide range of style and rhythmic variations starting with an overload of galloping catchy guitar riffs and smooth vocals. Later slower dreamy melodic tapestries will put the spotlight on the frustration and the struggle expressed by the narratives which are simply heart wrenching and we can all identify with such intense feelings. As the song continues to evolve, vocals become spiteful growls and guitars will ultimately embrace a darker and dramatically heavier approach which stands out for the precise rhythmic section while a sense of tranquility emerges through the poignant piano melodies, the elegant atmosphere and the alluring guitar phrases. 

There is a lot going on throughout “Eleventh Hour” which definitely showcases an eclectic prog composition and strong emotional themes as Novena will constantly surprise you with a high degree of sonic diversity and an amazing musicianship. 

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