Huntsmen – Mandala Of Fear

The music style of Huntsmen has been described as Americana metal but the band seems to aim for a wide range of diversity on the new ambitious double LP “Mandala Of Fear” which also tells a harrowing tale of survival and resilience. 

“Ride Out” packs a groovy fuzzy rhythm as guitars channel classic rock dynamics with subtle stoner tonalities that can sound quite intense during the faster segments while there is also a strong melodic core amplified by calm phrases and soothing vocals. 

“Colossus” has some desert rock vibes as the guitar tones become extra fuzzy with loads of moody riffs that tend to steal the spotlight and eventually lead to a darker & heavier rhythmic rampage enriched by spaced out atmospheric waves. 

The instrumental track “Atomic Storms” focuses on elaborate soundscapes offering a generous dosage of monumental guitar riffs supported by a significantly heavier rhythmic backbone and this bold groovy approach is enhanced by dreamy guitar melodies and psychedelic elements. 

On “A Nameless Dread” guitars acquire acidic tonalities and psychedelic vibes to craft wild faster rhythmic variations which can sound rather harsh with the addition of gritty screams in contrast with the sorrowful melodic moments and the soulful vocal harmonies. 

“Awake At Time’s End” evokes a melancholic serenity amplifying some post-metal nuances with dazed melodic guitar progressions and intricate solos while the borderline aggressive guitar riffs generate a fierce sludge oriented rhythmic momentum.  

The strength of “The Swallow” comes from the detailed composition which features cohesive rounds of monolithic rhythmic grooves embellished by nostalgia infused melodies fueled by the extremely somber guitar tones that can easily make you space out during the slower hypnotic passages.  

“Clearing The Sand” offers massive distorted guitar riffs that maintain a prominent sludge influence yet there is a recurring moody melodic sentiment further emphasized by the comforting vocal harmonies emerging through the thick rhythmic maze.   

Huntsmen confidently follow a variegated songwriting approach and even step out of their comfort zone to keep things interesting throughout “Mandala Of Fear” often shifting from spacey instrumental ensemble to absolutely epic arrangements. 

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