Candlemass – The Pendulum

When we think of doom metal the name Candlemass immediately comes to mind and this time the band returns with the EP “The Pendulum” which includes unused tracks cut from the latest full length “The Door To Doom” recording sessions.

The title track features all the beloved elements of classic doom metal with a somber acoustic prelude that introduces monolithic guitar riffs marching fiercely through the ominous atmosphere enriched by bewitching licks so the whole instrumental ensemble and the mood naturally match the band’s timeless legacy. 

“Snakes Of Goliath” relies on addictive guitar riffs that stay true to the band’s infamous signature style and the extremely somber & solemn vocal delivery keeps on amplifying the obscure atmosphere while later a slightly vintage groovy momentum fuels more energetic rhythmic progressions. 

“Porcelain Skull” is a memorable track that continues to follow a catchy grim doom approach focusing on mighty guitar riffs and a darkened chorus that unleash a generous dosage of raw energy and all kinds of gloomy feelings leading to the climatic guitar solo. 

While “The Pendulum” includes only few tracks it serves the purpose of reminding the audience that Candlemass continue to write monumental doom songs driven by a consistent creative force. 

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