Me And That Man – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol 1

By now everybody knows that Nergal, frontman of black metal titans Behemoth, has started the dark folk/blues solo project Me And That Man and the sophomore release “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.1” features some amazing collaborations with renowned talented artists. 

Featuring Jørgen Munkeby of Norwegian band Shining, “Run With The Devil” is an energetic track that relies on a catchy rhythmic rampage with pleasant bluesy guitars enriched by the playful tones of the saxophone. 

“Coming Home”  features guest Sivert Høyem of Madrugada delivering passionate and quite somber vocals that match the slower quasi dramatic instrumental ensemble carefully built by contemplative atmospheric layers and mournful guitar melodies. 

On “By The River” legendary Ihsahn of Emperor brings his theatrical vibrant vocal delivery to emphasize the diabolical essence of the warm guitar melodies that reach the acme with a thrilling intricate guitar solo.  

Featuring guests Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Anderson of Lucifer,  “Deep Down South” relies on Southern rock & country styles with vivid acoustic rhythmic patterns and the strong presence of harmonica and violin melodies.

“Man Of The Cross” stands out for the stunning baritone vocals performed by Jerome Reuter of Rome which emphasize the irresistible gothic nuances of the mysterious atmosphere and the seductive guitar melodies following a slow brooding rhythmic section.  

“How Come?” features the talent of Corey Taylor, Brent Hinds and Rob Caggiano and is probably one of the most powerful tracks confidently blending moody blues oriented guitar melodies leading to a flamboyant solo and soulful vocal harmonies that constantly evoke a compelling melancholia.  

The ominous strength of “Confession” comes from the deliciously malevolent vocal performance courtesy of the infamous Niklas Kvarforth of Shining so darkness is destined to prevail through the mellow acoustic passages that will suddenly evolve into a quite harsh blackened rhythmic momentum. 

On “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.1” Me And That Man channel darkness and devilish vibes with a different state of mind that favors warm Americana-influenced soundscapes and the presence of diverse guest vocalists renders everything truly interesting and sometimes the  kaleidoscopic results will surprise you.  

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