Lost Symphony – Chapter I

Founded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Benny Goodman, Lost Symphony is a collective of amazing heavy rock and metal artists that collaborated to create the exciting debut album “Chapter I” which offers a majestic blend of classical and metal. 

Featuring the late Oli Herbert of All That Remains, Bumblefoot of Sons Of Apollo and Ethan Brosh, “Singularity” opens the album with absolutely sumptuous symphonic arrangements that reminisce of a night at the opera and such elegant atmospheric ensemble is constantly enriched by a series of charismatic guitar solos offering lavish melodies and insane shredding.  

“Premeditated Destruction” is an intricate track that features the talent of Brock Richards of Starset, Richard Shaw of Cradle Of Filth, Jimi Bell of House of Lords & Matt LaPierre. This time the neoclassical aesthetics are emphasized by Siobhan’s soothing violins and all the unstoppable guitar progressions deliver an overdose of polished phrases and wicked shredding showcasing a distinct virtuoso style. 

On “This Life Moves Too Fast” David Ellefson of Megadeth, Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy & Jimi Bell create energetic grooves with familiar symphonic & classic metal elements consequently the subtle atmospheric layers naturally embrace the mixture of chunky riffs and technical solos so you can expect another generous dosage of shredding.  

Featuring Oli Herbert & Satchel of Steel Panther “Cotard Delusion” continues to follow a grandiose neoclassical motif with dazzling elaborate orchestrations that surround the heavier approach of the guitar work which focuses on a compelling blend of sinuous melodies and extensive flamboyant solos. 

Featuring Marty Friedman, Oli Herbert, Matt LaPierre & Conrad Simon, the stunning opus “Requiem” has a melancholic cinematic essence that enhances the presence of the understated atmospheric arrangements while guitars create spellbinding melodic waves full of luminous tonalities that will evolve into complex dramatically heavier rhythmic crescendos enriched by breathtaking solos leading to a poignant finale with sophisticated piano melodies and baroque nuances. 

Obviously the first thing you will notice about Lost Symphony is the outstanding prowess of all the musicians involved in the creation of “Chapter I” and the resulting opulent composition is destined to attract a wide audience while we eagerly await the next releases. 

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