Testament – Titans Of Creation

Legendary Bay Area thrash veterans Testament continue to solidify their major influential status with consistent remarkable releases amplified by a magical band chemistry and the thirteenth studio album “Titans Of Creation” is bound to satisfy your thirst for authentic thrash metal while offering a complex progressive flair. 

The opening track “Children Of The Next Level” already manifests the insane energy that fuels the entire album as the guitar riffs unleash a hostile sonic onslaught following the impeccable frenetic drumming so the key elements of classic thrash metal are very much alive and further enriched by the massive charismatic soloing. 

With a monumental rhythmic section “Dream Deceiver” delivers the expected overdose of headbanging friendly dynamics and Chuck Billy adds extra power with his signature vocals while guitars certainly run the show with the elaborate sharp riffage and the eclectic progressions of the fiery solo. 

“Night Of The Witch” showcases a darkened aggressive pathway with a faster tempo that demands vicious guitar riffs and a devilish chorus emphasized by the addition of Eric Peterson’s blackened vocal style and the creepy tonalities of the majestic lead guitar work. 

On “City Of Angels” the main rhythmic core often slows down to emphasize the darkly hypnotic guitar melodies accompanied by a particularly somber vocal delivery yet the monolithic bass lines and the riffage can still sound wicked leading to diverse compelling solos.

“Symptoms” relies on a killer chorus and an explosive relentless rhythmic assault that once again conveys a familiar thrash metal formula and the guitar work demands your utmost attention with menacing riffs and a series of extra intricate progressions leading to a satisfying shredding overdose. 

“The Healers” offers some classic thrash metal elements as the abrasive guitar riffs and the merciless drums constantly channel a palpable raw energy naturally amplified by the ravenous vocals and such super groovy ensemble reaches the acme with another brilliant solo. 

“Curse Of Osiris” doesn’t waste any time with constant untamed guitar riffs and a heavier hostile rhythm showcasing impeccable skills while the mixture of solemn and diabolical vocals evokes a significantly darker mood. 

Testament proudly embrace a sonic evolution that highlights a crispy modern approach while staying true to their unforgettable thrash metal legacy with a tremendous musicianship and a tenacious creative force that spontaneously generate the mighty grooves of “Titans Of Creation”.

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