Lustre – The Ashes Of Light

Swedish multi Instrumentalist Nachtzeit is renowned for his ambient black metal project Lustre which returns with the seventh album “The Ashes Of Light” to spellbind the listeners with magical wintry soundscapes. 

Listening to “Part 1 (Eyes Like Stars)” you can easily escape the woes of reality as the main harmonious atmosphere surrounds you with uplifting vibes while the tormented growls seem to emerge from a distant darkened dimension. 

“Part 2 (A Silent Tale)” certainly holds a darkened arcane spirit but also flows like an ethereal daydream due to the fragile nature of the lavish synths creating a subtle rhythmic crescendo.  

“Part 3 (Like Music In The Night)” feels like sleeping under the stars as the intricate synth arrangements seem to be fueled by a cosmic energy yet darker & mysterious feelings always linger through the comforting harmonies. 

 “Part 5 (The Ashes of Light)” embodies an immersive music journey that will take you to an ancient forest guided by the pale light of the alluring multilayered atmospheric arrangements and the hypnotic melodic tapestries. 

“The Ashes Of Light” dwells within a limbo between light and darkness in fact Lustre successfully depicts contrasting feelings through dreamy nuances and refined atmospheric waves. 

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