Helfró – Helfró

Black metal duo Helfró arises from the burgeoning Icelandic black metal scene to conjure the coldest and darkest soundscapes on the eponymous debut full length.  

“Afeitrun” brings a shroud of frost as the ominous guitar riffs lead the way to an asphyxiating blackened assault amplified by the malevolent energy of the vocals yet you can almost perceive a mournful melodic flair running through the cascading guitar progressions. 

“Ávöxtur af rotnu tré” relies on unstoppable precise rhythmic patterns proudly favoring the ferocious temper of classic black metal until the theatrical vocal delivery announces a solemn atmospheric momentum reminiscing of an arcane ritual. . 

In the beginning “Þegn hinna stundlegu harma” channels an overwhelming fury with merciless drum blasts and monochromatic tremolo picking yet the resulting frantic sonic realm will eventually slow down a bit to highlight the lugubrious quasi melodic guitars and the eerie atmospheric aura. 

“Hin forboðna alsæla” still dwells in a world of menacing obscurity fueled by the inflamed blackened approach but guitars can skillfully add diversity crafting refined gloomy melodies enriched by the fascinating dramatic vocal delivery.  

On “Katrín” the visceral black metal roots continue to unleash diabolical growls and venomous guitar riffs yet at times the chaotic speed is slightly reduced to enhance the crucial role of the melodic twists and the imposing atmospheric textures. 

The endless arctic darkness is the leitmotif chosen by Helfró and in fact this first album constantly revolves around gelid tonalities and monumental dynamics that generate massive obscure soundscapes. 

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