…And Oceans – Cosmic World Mother

In the Scandinavian black metal scene …And Oceans are renowned for their compelling symphonic style and after seventeen years they are finally back with a revamped line-up including talented vocalist Mathias Lillmåns of Finntroll and an ex novo energy embodied by the new full length “Cosmic World Mother”. 

“The Dissolution Of Mind And Matter” marks a majestic beginning fully manifesting a bewitching darkened formula that revolves around the exquisite symphonic tapestries and the obscure guitar tonalities in fact the instrumental ensemble effortlessly shifts from unrestrained black metal dynamics to gelid melodic waves. 

The blackened assault of “Vigilance And Atrophy” is carefully built by sharp guitar riffs and thunderous drumming accompanied by fierce growls and enriched by the intricate epic arrangements that tend to enhance the dramatic depth and the presence of mournful melodies. 

“As The After Becomes The Before” begins with an opulent combo of refined atmospheric layers and melancholic guitar phrases that will maintain a shimmering melodic essence throughout the song even if the rhythmic ensemble will become darker & heavier with galloping riffage and ominous growls. 

The magical atmosphere of the title track introduces a blistering blackened rhythmic rampage certainly amplified by the ravenous screams so darkness continues to prevail through the icy melodic accents of the guitar work while the kaleidoscopic keyboards increase the sonic diversity with artsy electronic textures. 

“Helminthiasis” opens with aptly cosmic atmospheric waves that evoke somber feelings and adorn the bleak soundscape while the precise rhythmic section is always ready to unleash blackened grooves with an overload of scorching guitar riffs. 

The darkly enchanting atmospheric arrangements of the grandiose final track “The Flickering Lights” guide you through a lavish melancholic realm that focuses mainly on the fascinating melodic guitar work and the consequent grim emotions flourishing through the monumental rhythmic crescendos.  

Despite the long hiatus …And Oceans are destined to garner attention with the darkly alluring songwriting and the arcane atmospheres of the brand new effort “Cosmic World Mother” which feels like the perfect way to celebrate their comeback. 

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