Barishi – Old Smoke

Progressive sludge metal band Barishi aims to make a strong impact in the current underground metal scene creating complex darkened soundscapes on the sophomore full length “Old Smoke”. 

“The Silent Circle” depicts a murky sonic realm where the mighty weight of the guitar riffs and the chunky bass lines naturally lead to crushing rhythmic dynamics certainly amplified by the cavernous growls yet within the dense darkness there is also space for contemplative melodic progressions evoking grim feelings. 

The strength of “The Longhunter” can be found within the heavy rhythmic maze channeling the darkest aspects of sludge metal and the eclectic guitar progressions evolve into a wild soloing adding interesting style variations. 

Through the hazy atmosphere of “Entombed In Gold Forever” the guitar work can acquire massive ominous tonalities shifting from crunchy riffage to monolithic progressions that emphasize the doom metal roots while the excellent solo provides some charismatic prog oriented twists. 

On the title track there is a dramatic change of pace as the band focuses on a vibrant melodic ensemble evoking an ancestral connection with nature with deeply melancholic guitar phrases emphasized by a comforting clean vocal delivery and a laid back rhythmic section yet occasionally the significantly heavier guitar riffs will generate colossal grooves. 

“Old Smoke” immediately stands out for the elaborate composition and the ambitious music vision as Barishi clearly works hard to develop a personal sonic identity inspired by a wide range of diverse styles. 

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