ForgottenTomb – Nihilistic Estrangement

Longstanding Italian band Forgotten Tomb begins a new chapter of doom & misanthropy on the tenth studio album “Nihilistic Estrangement” which was recorded using vintage analogue techniques to create charismatic timeless soundscapes. 

On “Active Shooter” there is an insanely addictive melody that is destined to spellbind you since the first listening while the ominous growls and the inflamed rhythmic section channel blackened nuances that will embrace an exquisite melancholic essence through the bewitching guitar melodies. 

“Distrust3 “ offers some catchy black ‘n roll dynamics with an overload of galloping sharp guitar riffs and thunderous drumming yet the mournful doom influence is still present within the slower hypnotizing melodic progressions and the gelid tonalities. 

The title track stands out for the enthralling melodic crescendos that become the main focus in order to fully express a grave emotional whirlwind through the darkened allure of the guitar phrases that naturally lead to a gorgeous dreamy finale.  

On “RBMK” the recurring haunting melodic guitars evoke a decadent gothic flair carefully mixed with more aggressive blackened roots that generate imposing obscure vibes and faster rhythmic dynamics. 

As a perennial darkness lingers throughout “Nihilistic Estrangement” Forgotten Tomb successfully depict an introverted sonic realm with a memorable blend of lugubrious doom patterns and venomous black metal inspiration. 

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