Sojourner – Premonitions

Atmospheric metal band Sojourner has the chance to conquer a wider audience with the kaleidoscopic music style and the lavish darkened soundscapes of the third full length “Premonitions”. 

“The Monolith” introduces a darkly alluring sonic realm with enchanting piano melodies accompanied by soulful vocals but soon the rhythmic section will embrace a significantly heavier gothic tinged pathway embellished by harmonious folk nuances. 

“Eulogy For The Lost” emphasizes a melodic grandeur with loads of sorrowful guitar melodies flowing gently through the lush folkish atmospheric waves that intensify the inner melancholia while at times the main rhythmic patterns and the obscure growls can still channel a subtle extreme metal inspiration. 

“Fatal Frame” conveys pure tranquility with graceful flute & piano in contrast with the heavier rhythmic core fueled by a primal force that spontaneously generates massive ominous grooves while the multilayered keyboards and the gloomy guitar phrases create a mesmerizing melodic realm. 

“Atonement” will inevitably melt your cold heart with poignant piano melodies and profoundly melancholic guitar tonalities flourishing through the glowing rhythmic crescendos and the contrasting emotions here are further expressed by the mix of ethereal vocals and tormented growls. 

“The Event Horizon” embodies all the elements and feelings that characterize the whole album as the charismatic grim guitar progressions continue to convey a wistful melodic grandeur amplified by the classical dreamy piano and the mysterious atmospheric ensemble. 

All the tracks on “Premonitions” have the ability to move the listeners as Sojourner confidently focus on a captivating melodic essence that allows them to genuinely express a multitude of vivid emotions. 

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