Voices Of Ruin – Path To Immortality

Melodic death metal quintet Voices Of Ruin unleashes the third full length “Path To Immortality” offering a powerful melo death assault with a balanced blend of  thundering rhythmic patterns and vibrant melodies. 

“Carved Out” doesn’t waste any time as the fast rhythmic section delivers aggressive dynamics fueled by the hostile riffage and the spiteful growls but certainly the lead guitar work becomes fundamental crafting smooth melodies and flamboyant shredding. 

In the beginning the title track seems to favor cold melodies with melancholia infused phrases yet the intense guitar riffs can easily generate monumental furious segments supported by the precise drumming and the increasing speed that leads to another round of fierce shredding. 

Even if “Reach Toward The Sky” continues to follow a rather menacing rhythmic pathway highlighting the extreme metal elements the lead guitars have the chance to create passionate melodic passages and intricate solos characterized by enthralling luminous tonalities. 

“I Am God” puts the spotlight on the unrestrained guitar riffs that easily build a strong rhythmic tension and the whole instrumentation confidently follows a rather heavy approach while the skillful lead guitar will provide a fair dosage of soulful melodic passages. 

“Whispers” stands out for the majestic soloing and the clarity of the melodic guitar phrases that immediately convey a gloomy grandeur that will often return within the savage & heavier sonic realm to provide additional calm shimmering harmonies and a profound melancholia. 

“Everlong” marks an inflamed finale as the raw energy of the guitar driven grooves is a key element that leads to monumental rhythmic blasts in contrast with the nostalgic vibes of the brief dreamy melodic progressions.

Voices Of Ruin are based in California but they are certainly deeply influenced by the glorious Scandinavian melo death formula and are clearly developing a personal sonic identity as showcased by the intriguing soundscapes of “Path To Immortality”. 

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