Temnein – Tales Of Humanity And Greed

French melodic death metal band Temnein invokes a darkened spirit and explores myths & legends on the new bewitching full length “Tales Of Humanity And Greed”. 

“The Blind And The Greedy” offers an unrestrained rhythmic rampage with sharp guitar riffs showcasing the heavier aspects of the album’s sonic manifesto while the lead guitar work can create memorable melodic progressions with cold tonalities and grim feelings. 

On “The Knotted Bag” the skillful rhythmic section builds an energetic momentum leading to charismatic grooves amplified by the vicious growls yet the subtle atmospheric arrangements contribute to the creation of grandiose melodic crescendos. 

“I Am Davy Jones” immediately conveys a melancholic soundscape with slow comforting harmonies but even if the melodic tapestries remain crucial throughout the song the instrumental ensemble will often deliver fierce melo death dynamics with heavier galloping guitar riffs. 

The darkened energy of “A Few Drops Of Blood” is constantly fueled by the fiery rhythmic patterns yet this time you can clearly perceive a captivating progressive inspiration in the eclectic lead guitar work that tends to focus on excellent technical progressions. 

“Yuki Onna” holds a darker flair as the malignant growls and the hostile guitar riffs channel the primal force of extreme metal while the intricate melodic waves amplify the brooding atmosphere with haunting guitar tonalities. 

“Scums Of Hamelin” at times leaves behind the heavy rhythmic approach to favor sorrowful melodic nuances and gentle harmonies therefore the glowing contemplative moments will definitely stand out for the complex and deeply melancholic guitar progressions flourishing through the epic atmospheric arrangements. 

With “Tales Of Humanity And Greed” Temnein have crafted a cohesive blend of dramatic melodies and inflamed rhythmic blasts diligently following the glorious pathway of classic melodic death metal.

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