Acârash – Descend To Purity

Back in 2018 Norwegian band Acârash impressed the underground scene with the debut album “In Chaos Becrowned” which focused on charismatic blackened dynamics and enticing occult nuances that now continue to flourish triumphantly on the sophomore release “Descend To Purity”.

The title track immediately drags you into a hellish sonic realm that might leave you shattered as the ominous yet absolutely catchy guitar work accompanied by tormented growls successfully channel the darkest vibes and an inflamed black metal essence. 

Within the impenetrable darkness of “Desecrate. Liberate.” the raging guitar riffs supported by fierce drumming and bold bass lines ensure plenty of malevolent groovy patterns enhancing a wild black ‘n roll spirit destined to spellbind the audience. 

On “Goat, Skull, Ritual Fire” the monolithic guitar riffs emphasize lugubrious doom influences and hypnotizing esoteric nuances that lead to darkly alluring rhythmic crescendos enriched by the classic approach of the charismatic heavy rock solo. 

“Below Ceremonial’ definitely holds a ritualistic mood fueled by the diabolical & theatrical growls and the cold guitar tonalities that create memorable arcane crescendos with thrilling riffage and obscure melodic phrases. 

“Three Knives” is surrounded by a mysterious doomed aura that constantly amplifies the darkened spiritual essence and influences the guitar work which acquires slower mournful tonalities but at times will evolve into colossal blackened rhythmic bursts.

Acârash proudly manifest their visionary blackened doom with an inspiring primal force that throughout “Descend To Purity” never fails to generate soaring grooves and darkly introspective soundscapes. 

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