Okkultokrati – La Ilden Lyse

Norwegian black metal/punk cult Okkultokrati embarks on a wild ride through darkness on the latest full length “La Ilden Lyse” which feels like the perfect soundtrack for the unappreciated and unwanted all over the world. 

Darkness inevitably descends on “Thelemic Threat” as the massive gritty guitar riffs lead the way to a blackened sonic realm further enhanced by the savage rhythmic section and the malevolent vocals.  

“Grimoire Luciferian Dream” is in fact a diabolical affair as the occult vibes flourish through the darkened atmosphere surrounding the rebellious & catchy rhythmic patterns full of raw guitar riffs and ominous instrumental twists. 

You can perceive a wild punk spirit throughout “Kiss Of Death” yet everything feels dark and cold as the harsh riffage diligently follows a malignant blackened pathway accompanied by tormented growls and murky atmospheric textures. 

“Mother Superior” unleashes decadent black ‘n roll dynamics built by a steady untamed rhythmic section yet the groovy riffs are often entwined with bewitching guitar melodies and haunting atmospheric layers. 

“The Dying Grass Moon” is an invitation to worship the moon as the nocturnal nuances become stronger within the immense gloom conveyed by an addictive blend of feverish blackened guitar riffs and intense eerie atmospheres. 

Okkultrokrati keep the fire burning throughout “La Ilden Lyse” without any hesitation and with a defiant attitude that spontaneously generates an overdose of blackened guitar driven grooves.  

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