Wolftooth – Valhalla

Stoner metal riff worshippers Wolftooth aim to impress the underground metal scene with loads of memorable guitar driven grooves on the sophomore full length “Valhalla”.

“The Possession” doesn’t waste any time as guitars deliver monumental riffs with a distinct old school approach that inevitably generates a cohesive series of bold grooves and charismatic leads while the powerful vocal delivery also emphasizes the traditional heavy metal inspiration. 

The title track continues to highlight the twin guitar action with explosive riffage perfectly supported by the groovy drumming but the intense melodic progressions tend to steal the spotlight with epic vibes and nostalgic nuances. 

The adventurous spirit of “Fear For Eternity” comes to life through significantly heavier & faster rhythmic patterns demanding instant headbanging while the lead guitar work unleashes some wild shredding through a subtle doom tinged ensemble. 

“Scylla & Charybdis” combines a stoner metal flair and classic heavy metal to craft colossal groovy dynamics as guitars proudly offer robust riffs and smooth harmonies that will ultimately lead to an extensive grandiose solo. 

“Crying Of The Wolves” still channels an intense energy with a generous dosage of crunchy riffage yet tends to favor a somber melodic essence with the soothing vocal delivery and the glowing guitar harmonies that will often embrace a gloomy doom pathway. 

Needless to say the main focus throughout “Valhalla” is the creation of massive guitar riffs and Wolftooth also successfully channel all the glory of 70’s and early 80’s NWOBHM with a classic songwriting approach and authentic passion. 

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