Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip


Italian legendary stoner rock trio Black Rainbows reaches a new milestone with the eighth full length “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip” and as the title suggests you will feel compelled to join this trippy roller coaster. 

“At Midnight You Cry” already unleashes the cosmic energy of the whole album with steady powerful guitar riffs that keep unrestrained grooves from beginning to end following an explosive stoner rock formula. 

“Radio 666” immediately feels like a ‘70s spacey jam with the perfect dosage of fuzzy guitar driven grooves, moody vocals and a subtle nostalgic flair enhanced by the entertaining hazy soloing. 

It’s time for total fuzz worship as “Hypnotized By The Solenoid” showcases massive psychedelic vibes through compelling melodic guitar progressions that will ultimately acquire addictive groovy tonalities leading to an extensive wild solo. 

“Glittereyzed” begins with captivating psychedelic tinged nuances that make you feel slightly dazed but gradually the excellent rhythmic section will embrace a significantly heavier pathway crafting monumental guitar driven grooves. 

The gritty guitar riffs and the savage drumming of “Sacred Graal” spontaneously generate massive catchy dynamics that can trigger instant stomping & headbanging channeling the magical power of vintage heavy rock. 

“Searching For Satellites Part I & II” holds a darkened soul within the somber tonalities of the spaced out acoustic guitars that will acquire an understated energy flourishing through the surreal psychedelic atmospheric waves.   

“Fire Breather” closes the album with major psychedelic cosmic accents and an inflamed groovy momentum fueled by the memorable guitar solo and the monolithic riffs that showcase also an intriguing doom inspiration. 

Black Rainbows confidently keep a heavy delightful approach throughout “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip” which obviously is all about massive psychedelic stoner grooves ideal for a live show in the middle of the desert. 

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