Constellatia – The Language Of Limbs

South African post metal outfit Constellatia recently signed with Season Of Mist and the reissue of the debut album “The Language Of Limbs” now has the chance to attract a wider audience with darkly emotional soundscapes. 

“All Nights Belong To You” confidently follows a wistful instrumental pathway as the dreamy shoegaze atmosphere naturally embraces the crushing blackened rhythmic section and will reach the acme during the slower hazy passages embellished by angelic vocals. 

“In Acclamation” flows like a daydream as the ethereal atmospheric tapestries and the shimmering guitar melodies constantly evoke pure melancholia yet the rhythmic patterns can often evolve into fast & vicious blackened blasts before returning to a calmer contemplative ensemble. 

The eloquent melodic essence of “The Garden” emphasizes an intense sense of longing as guitars tend to focus on soft acoustic phrases, glowing progressions and compelling leads in contrast with the faster mournful rhythmic segments accompanied by desperate screams. 

Throughout “The Language Of Limbs” you will find a monumental blackened inspiration yet the opulent nostalgia infused melodies become the main focus as Constellatia never cease to express poignant feelings.  

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