Aleah – Aleah

Brought to fruition by Swallow The Sun/Trees of Eternity guitarist Juha Raivio the new posthumous solo album by Aleah Starbridge honours her creative legacy with an acoustic and an electric disc. 

The acoustic side of the album presents a minimalist and extremely emotional approach, in fact  on “Vapour” and “Sacrifice” the graceful acoustic melodies create magical soundscapes that highlight Aleah’s gorgeous vocal harmonies and evoke a perennial sense of longing. “Open Sky”, “My Will” and “Breathe” flow gently like a hazy daydream and Aleah’s heartwarming voice becomes your guide through an unforgettable spiritual journey. 

The electric part of the album shows a different side of Aleah’s music vision as tracks like “Inverted Enlightenment” and “The Tower” focus on a spacey atmospheric ensemble around softly sorrowful vocals and gloomy melodic waves leading to an immersive sonic journey. 

We dream the same dream embracing the poignant feelings behind this melancholy infused collection of songs and today we carry this album like a golden torch of Aleah celebrating her artistic talent. 

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