Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape

In the underground circles Black Crown Initiate have already gained attention & praise but now it’s time to embrace a new sonic evolution on the latest offering “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape” which immediately stands out for the fascinating multifaceted songwriting approach. 

“Invitation” begins with gentle harmonies and soulful vocals but such contemplative mood will change as soon as the merciless growls, the chunky riffage and the precise rhythmic blasts take the center stage yet the darkened melodic essence will continue to linger through the enthralling guitar progressions and the comforting arpeggios. 

Throughout “Trauma Bonds” the soulful melodic passages shine within the dramatically heavier energetic sonic realm fueled by belligerent guitar riffs and aggressive drumming while the technical accents of the guitar work amplify the eclectic progressive flair. 

While on “Years In Frigid Light” the abrasive guitar riffs can easily channel a brutal death metal inspiration, the progressive nature often prevails generating unexpected rhythmic twists while at times a genuine melancholic soul comes to life through luminous melodic phrases and understated atmospheric nuances. 

The fragile guitar melodies and the moody atmospheric waves of “Death Comes In Reverse” convey a delightful sense of nostalgia destined to endure even during the heavier rhythmic crescendos and the edgy prog dynamics surrounded by an exquisite darkened aura. 

The visionary composition behind “Holy Silence” can effortlessly generate heartfelt melodic textures as well as complex & significantly faster passages as guitars can shift from crestfallen phrases to venomous groovy riffs and ultimately reach the acme with a charismatic solo. 

Black Crown Initiate confidently explore diverse sonic territories in order to maintain an inflamed creative force that successfully leads to the irresistible blend of bittersweet melodic tapestries  and majestic heavy patterns throughout “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape”.

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