Dark Tranquillity – Moment

Swedish melodic death metal icons Dark Tranquillity have built an incredibly strong legacy that is destined to flourish throughout the new album “Moment” which once again showcases their unstoppable creative force. 

There is a shimmering atmosphere around “Phantom Days” which naturally maintains a darkened immersive mood while the feverish guitar riffs have the ability to create robust rhythmic patterns which clearly stay true to the band’s beloved melo-death flair always emphasized by Mikael Stanne’s savage growls. 

“The Dark Unbroken” is destined to conquer your heart with the opulent keyboards arrangements channeling immense melancholia as the tempo often slows down to highlight the enthralling introspective mood fully expressed by the clean vocal delivery. 

“Remain In The Unknown” immediately enters a darkly soulful melodic realm with mesmerizing clean vocals and intricate magical atmospheric multilayers enriched by the charismatic licks of the impeccable guitar solo. 

Throughout “Standstill” the keyboards continue to hold a fundamental role creating an overdose of harmonious tapestries that tend to enhance the emotional nature of the vocals while the fiery rhythmic section can create engaging and slightly heavier dynamics. 

The essence of “A Drawn Out Exit” feels increasingly darker, consequently the guitars acquire obscure tonalities that naturally lead to a perfectly balanced blend of mournful melodic phrases and groovy riffage marching through darkened atmospheric waves. 

“Eyes Of The World” is an anthemic melo-death track as you will find plenty of powerful riffs and brilliant leads while the captivating melancholic guitar melodies are bound to grab your attention thriving within the shimmering atmospheric grandeur enhanced by Mikael’s poignant vocal performance.

“In Truth Divided” marks a cathartic closure as the gothic tinged splendor comes to life through the lavish atmospheric layers surrounding the gloomy guitar phrases and the precise rhythmic dynamics intensified by Mikael’s spellbinding clean vocals. 

The indisputable strength of “Moment” comes from the detailed songwriting approach, the excellent production and the genuine emotions that Dark Tranquillity masterfully bring to life with their signature Gothenburg melodic death metal style that continues to influence musicians worldwide and shines brighter in every song. 

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