Temple Of Void – Summoning The Slayer

Detroit death-doom metal band Temple Of Void confidently spreads obscurity and melancholia on the brand new full-length “Summoning The Slayer”.
“Behind The Eye” doesn’t waste any time as the hostile riffage leads to monolithic rhythmic patterns that often acquire extra speed and brutality yet the guitar leads enhance a dramatic melodic flair.
Surrounded by an arcane atmosphere “Deathtouch” fully embraces a lugubrious doom metal force as guitars deliberately focus on opulent darkened melodic phrases well supported by the monumental drumming and the thick bass lines.
The ominous realm of “Engulfed” instantly generates a funereal rhythmic ensemble amplified by the dominant role of the gloomy melodic guitars and the tormented vocal delivery.
“Dissolution” marks a bittersweet finale as the band leaves behind the heavy elements to fully embrace an emotional sonic palette through enticing acoustic guitar progressions and gentle clean vocals.
Dwelling within a subterranean dimension, Temple Of Void have the ability to balance crushing dynamics and fascinating contemplative melodic textures throughout “Summoning The Slayer”.

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