Hail Spirit Noir – Eden In Reverse

Psychedelic prog metal band Hail Spirit Noir confidently embraces an experimental music pathway to embark on a galactic journey that leads to the fourth full length “Eden In Reverse”.

“Incense Swirls” already manifests an enigmatic essence that makes you space out easily blending interesting proggy patterns and multifaceted cosmic atmospheres balanced by a moody melodic soul also emphasized by the soothing vocal delivery. 

Featuring Lars Nedland of Borknagar “Crossroads” begins with passionate vocal harmonies and soon enters an eclectic prog oriented sonic realm that relies on glowing guitar progressions surrounded by rich synths layers and psychedelic accents that generate a strong trippy momentum. 

“The First Ape On New Earth” holds a heavier rhythmic core unleashing immediately a series of sharp riffs supported by faster rhythmic blasts nevertheless due to the intricate composition there are many variations of style & pace throughout the songs leading to luminous guitar melodies and captivating multilayered synths offering robotic electro beats as well as elegant atmospheric textures. 

“Automata 1980” is a full blown futuristic trip as the wide array of strange & eerie electronic sounds and the insane psychedelic vibes might induce a trance-like state but later guitars begin to craft smooth melodic crescendos enhanced by the somber emotions of the vocals. 

It becomes quickly clear that Hail Spirit Noir are driven by a desire to explore diverse music styles leading to the shapeshifting soundscapes of “Eden In Reverse” which in fact will inevitably attract a niche audience. 

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