The Fright – Canto V

Fronted by charismatic baritone vocalist Lon Fright German dark rockers The Fright are ready to delight the audience with the fifth full length “Canto V”, a gothic rock manifesto conceptually inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the current political/social crisis.

A flourishing dark mood is immediately palpable on “Bonfire Night” as Lon Fright delivers exquisite gothic tinged vocals (we need more baritone singers in the current rock/metal scene!) in the midst of refined and always extremely catchy melodic guitars that invite you to sing along and provide a certain addictive rock groove that gets stuck in your mind.

Still keeping a very melodic approach “Wander Alone” definitely channels some entertaining goth vibes and again guitars skillfully maintain pleasantly catchy rhythmic patterns inevitably enhanced by Lon’s heartfelt vocal delivery seamlessly shifting from particularly gloomy tones to an edgy rocker style.

“Fade Away” might be mistaken for a simple borderline ballad but its inner gothic charisma should not be dismissed as recurring soft piano melodies contribute to create a rather darkly emotional palette that favors contemplative guitar melodies and inspired vocals.

You will become easily addicted to the understated beauty of the guitar melodies and the malicious dark chorus of “Oblivion” as an accessible bass & guitar combo leads to a captivating steady rock crescendo while Lon’s vocals delightfully pay homage to decades of alluring goth ‘n roll.

Featuring guest vocalist Michelle Darkness of End Of Green “Leave” has a bewitching dark aura channeling magical ‘80s goth & glam flavors, especially in the memorable chorus, and the grave vocals here are simply spellbinding bearing a dark romanticism well supported by loads of catchy melodic guitars and a fancy rocking guitar solo.

“Drowned In Red” continues to evoke the gothic mood that pervades the whole album as slow paced darkened melodies tend to dominate the song’s structure expressing pure melancholy while some crunchy guitar riffs add subtle metal influences but the darkly mesmerizing catchiness of Lon’s vocals will undoubtedly conquer any listener.

The catchy nature of the guitar driven grooves and the enchanting darkened flavors of “Canto V” absolutely deserve a wide audience as The Fright successfully & delightfully channels the best nuances of goth & rock.


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