Noekk – Carol Stones And Elder Rock

Schwadorf and Helm of Empyrium always work on new music ideas and this time their project Noekk returns with the mythical acoustic tonalities of “Carol Stones and Elder Rock”, a limited 7-inch single in advance of their fourth album which will be released in 2019.

“A Loss” gives you a brief yet absolutely intense blast of melancholia with calm piano melodies, airy atmospheres and whispered vocals.

“Pan” is full of darkened atmospheres and a series of gentle arpeggios that follow odd tempo signatures leading to eclectic prog textures with a slightly folk mood while vocals become increasingly dramatic.

“A Vision” is another short tune that offers dreamy autumnal vibes with laid back magical acoustic phrases and hazy atmospheres.

“Archaic Tune” fully embodies the magical atmospheric mystique of the whole album yet the acoustic guitar passages become more intricate with extra prog dynamics and solemn vocals naturally evoke ethereal poetic vibes.

The fascinating acoustic nuances of “Carol Stones and Elder Rock” will warm your heart and leave you wondering about the future music endeavors of Noekk.

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