Unreqvited – Mosaic II: La Déteste Et La Détresse

Canadian post-black metal band Unreqvited continues an ambitious music journey on the fourth full length “Mosaic II: La Déteste Et La Détresse” characterized by an experimental approach and compelling darkened nuances. 

“Nightfall” opens the album with a dense melancholic atmosphere featuring understated orchestrations and an overload of mellow contemplative guitar melodies that are bound to generate gloomy feelings that will continue to linger even during the more energetic blackened moments. 

“Wasteland” goes straight to a tormented blackened rhythmic section channeling dismal feelings within an intensely darker atmospheric ensemble yet the shimmering melodic essence will always emerge through deeply melancholic guitar melodies following a dramatically slower tempo. 

“Pale” relies on shoegaze inspired dreamy atmospheric waves emphasized by the nostalgic tonalities of the harmonious guitar work and the delightful piano melodies that guide the listeners through a cathartic sonic realm that will occasionally embrace darker & heavier tonalities during scattered rhythmic blasts. 

“Disorder” feels like a glowing daydream with uplifting piano melodies and serene atmospheric layers that certainly have an essential role yet at times an introspective darkness tends to prevail with grave guitar riffs and distant anguished screams. 

Unreqvited embarks on a therapeutic music journey and as a result “Mosaic II: La Déteste Et La Détresse” often evokes feelings of despair and misery through an evident blackened force but its strength comes from the intricate melodic tapestries that seem to generate an inspiring sense of hope. 

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