Sylvaine / Unreqvited – Time Without End

Norwegian composer Sylvaine and Canadian black metal experimentalist Unreqvited team up to create the split album “Time Without End” which showcases their artsy vision through atmospheric textures and exquisite melodies. 

“No More Solitude” is a minimalist track where Sylvaine focuses on an intimate delivery with magical soothing vocals accompanied by lovely piano melodies and subtle dreamy atmospheric accents leading to a profoundly emotional sonic realm. 

“Falling” offers stripped-down arrangements and a slightly darkened flair to emphasize the ethereal nature of the song relying on glowing acoustic phrases and Sylvaine’s delicate emotive vocal harmonies. 

On “Interwoven” Unreqvited aims to create peaceful soundscapes through luminous guitar melodies, elegant atmospheres and sophisticated orchestrations leading to a beautiful dreamy sonic experience filled with nostalgic vibes. 

The moody daydream continues on “Fields Of Elysium” as graceful guitar harmonies flourish through a frail atmosphere yet there are some powerful melodic crescendos that showcase a familiar blackgaze inspiration and fully express an emotional turmoil. 

Both Sylvaine and Unreqvited are talented artists that on the new release “Time Without End” choose to focus on a shimmering composition and a captivating shoegaze essence that will definitely appeal to lovers of such influential subgenre. 

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