Diabulus In Musica – Euphonic Entropy

Spanish symphonic metal band Diabulus In Musica have been around for a while and through the years they have perfected a catchy & majestic sonic formula that fully comes to life with the theatrical new full length “Euphonic Entropy”.

The symphonic wonderland embodied by “Race To Equilibrium” features sumptuous orchestrations and a fiery rhythmic rampage as guitars deliver solid catchy riffs to accompany the scattered darker moments amplified by a faster tempo and aggressive growls nevertheless the lavish operatic vocals & choirs are always in the spotlight. 

“The Misfit’s Swing” stands out for the playful swing style rhythm that leads to diverse melodic nuances yet the symphonic essence is still present with impeccable operatic vocals and elegant multilayered arrangements. 

On “In Quest Of Sense” the mood gets quite dramatic with somber choral parts, melancholic lead vocals and refined orchestrations while the rhythmic section still focuses on heavier guitar driven grooves.  

The understated atmospheric layers on “Otoi” feel like a soothing soundtrack for a folk fairytale while the polished guitar melodies and the flawless emotive vocal delivery evoke the harmonious aspects of symphonic metal. 

“Our Last Gloomy Dance” sounds like a masquerade ball with a waltz style rhythm surrounded by the darker yet grandiose tonalities of the detailed orchestrations and the inner gloom is certainly matched by the mysterious aura of the choir and the dramatic operatic delivery. 

On “Blind Muse” thunderous drums and bold guitar riffs often take the center stage keeping a strong heavy momentum even if the song’s melodic soul is constantly enhanced by the orchestral splendor and the heartfelt vocal harmonies. 

Creating the right mood for a night at the opera “In The Vortex” relies exclusively on rich multi layered atmospheric arrangements that evoke sheer melancholy as well as triumphant vibes and emphasize the classical style of the dazzling operatic vocals.

Diabulus In Musica stay true to the signature elements that have rendered symphonic metal an exceptionally successful genre worldwide so if you’re a fan you will find plenty to love on the latest offering “Euphonic Entropy”. 


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