Drown – Subaqueous

Under the Drown moniker multi instrumentalist Markov Soroka has created the fascinating ambitious opus “Subaqueous” which dwells within a realm of darkness and light with a strong funeral doom inspiration. 

As soon as “Drowned VI: Mother Cetacean” begins we enter an underwater world lulled by the gentle sound of waves. The guitar melodies almost glow within the darkened doom ensemble which can feel quite lugubrious due to the cavernous growls and the monolithic riffs yet everything moves slowly favoring an immersive listening experience and the melancholic motif gains strength from the dreamy tonalities and the blurry atmospheric nuances particularly hypnotizing when accompanied by the ethereal violin during the finale.  

“Drowned VII: Father Subaqueous” can sound quite comforting with refined guitar melodies and the graceful violins that emphasize the introspective depth and might even hold a fragile sense of hope while in the midst of ambient tapestries and aptly aquatic sounds you will also find moments of extremely mournful and significantly heavier guitar riffs.  

Both the two lengthy tracks of “Subaqueous” maintain a classic funeral doom approach that evolves into ‘aquatic doom’ to fit the chosen conceptual themes as Drown takes you on a melancholic journey to the depths of the ocean. 

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