Blood And Sun – Love & Ashes

With Blood And Sun multiinstrumentalist Luke Tromiczak has embarked on an inspiring music journey that today leads to the genesis of the sophomore full length “Love & Ashes”, a darkened neo-folk opus dedicated to kindred spirits and wanderers. 

“Resurrection Charm” marks a charismatic beginning as an arcane chant provides a darkly enigmatic introduction for the more accessible melodic ensemble offering rich melodic guitars and moody rhythmic crescendos accompanied by the theatrical vocals. 

“Dusk Century” has a softer & catchy melodic approach with graceful acoustic phrases embellished by luminous violins while the imposing baritone vocals naturally evoke darker sentiments. 

“By What Road” is a gorgeous work of music that delivers the perfect dosage of wistful feelings through the introspective vocal delivery and the exquisite intricate melodic tapestries courtesy of luminous strings and fervent acoustic guitars. 

On the title track there is a hypnotic brooding atmosphere that leads to a darker melancholic mood perfectly matched by the sorrowful vocal delivery while the enticing blend of warm violins and passionate melodic guitars maintains a spiritual folk approach. 

Listening to “Until The Dawn” feels like being in the middle of a pristine forest watching the stars and pondering about the meaning of life surrounded by haunting harmonious violins while the acoustic guitars can build an energetic yet soothing rhythmic rampage. 

It would be hard to resist the overwhelming nostalgia that Blood And Sun constantly evoke throughout “Love & Ashes” which is destined to captivate and comfort you with the magical beauty of the dark folk soundscapes. 

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