Nightwish – Human. :II: Nature.

Finnish symphonic metal masters Nightwish are undoubtedly considered as one of the most successful metal bands worldwide and the long awaited new dazzling release “Human. :II: Nature.” is certainly an ambitious work of music destined to impress the audience.  

The haunting atmosphere of “Music”creates a suspenseful mood especially enhanced by the tribal percussion and the solemn orchestral crescendo that introduce Floor Jansen’s magical voice and a soothing melodic essence that will gradually pick up an energetic momentum as the rhythmic section acquires familiar symphonic metal dynamics.  

“Noise” reminisces of the band’s acclaimed early albums therefore is bound to become a hit song as the flamboyant symphonic flair becomes stronger with refined multilayered orchestrations that highlight Floor’s charismatic vocal performance and the catchy guitar riffs carefully build up heavier grooves. 

“Pan” feels like an ode to imagination as the enchanting piano harmonies embrace a refined orchestral climax following a detailed composition that will ultimately evolve into a grandiose symphonic metal oeuvre enriched by the sharp guitar riffs and the lush operatic choirs.  

“How’s The Heart” holds a glowing melodic soul so the rhythm slows down to enhance the flawless vocal harmonies and the emotional motif while the folk elements shine brighter with the exceptional Uilleann pipes played by Troy Donockley. 

Just like the title suggests “Tribal” revolves around an ancestral tribal rhythm so guitars naturally acquire darker tonalities leading to significantly heavier inflamed groovy patterns fueled by an ex novo primal energy particularly evident in the monumental drumming. 

On “Endlessness” guitars have the chance to craft polished melancholic melodies expressing poignant feelings while the lavish atmospheric layers definitely amplify the epic vibes and this time Marko Hietala takes the leading vocal role delivering a fiery performance. 

The second part of the album offers the complex opus “All The Works Which Adorn The World” divided in eight movements that showcase a remarkable opulent artistic vision relying on otherworldly classical arrangements and majestic orchestral arrangements. 

On “Human. :II: Nature.” Nightwish choose to focus on an elaborate sumptuous composition that still shows all the beloved characteristic traits of their signature music style yet they audaciously explore luminous neoclassical nuances and traditional folk flavors to create a captivating sonic journey. 

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