Witchcraft – Black Metal

In the realm of occult rock Witchcraft holds an influential status but on the new acoustic album “Black Metal” founder and sole remaining member Magnus Pelander chooses a different direction focusing on a minimalist and deeply emotive approach. 

“Elegantly Expressed Depression” perfectly represents the grim and probably depressing feelings of the whole album as the sheer beauty of the monochromatic acoustic passages surrounds Magnus’s solemn vocal delivery creating a quite intense emotional turmoil. 

“Sad People” might in fact make you feel sad due to the slow & quiet mournful guitar phrases that highlight the essential role of the heart wrenching vocals. 

“Grow” is a longer track that manages to channel some darkened vibes while maintaining a relaxed stripped back acoustic approach shifting from extra mellow arpeggios to understated rhythmic crescendos that match the contrasting emotions expressed by the vocals. 

On the brief final track “Take Him Away” the acoustic phrases and the whispered vocals create a simply contemplative atmosphere. 

From an album entitled “Black Metal” you might have expected some ominous heavy grooves instead Witchcraft focuses exclusively on a gloomy acoustic ensemble so in the end this new release turns out to be widely accessible. 

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