(0) – SkamHan

Danish progressive black metal quintet (0) aims to remain elusive but the debut album “SkamHan” is bound to trigger curiosity in the underground metal scene. 

“Tyndere end Hud” unveils enigmatic atmospheric nuances surrounding a blistering blackened assault fueled by the perfect dosage of primal energy yet there are several rhythmic variations showing a desire to experiment with diverse styles.  

A delightful melancholia lingers throughout “Sjælstjæler” generating slower grim melodic progressions and the monochromatic guitar tonalities confidently channel hazy post-metal nuances leading to lavish desolate soundscapes. 

“Rød Glorie” begins with minimalist darkened guitar phrases that will gradually embrace an intense blackened void with faster riffs and ominous growls until a calmer dramatic mood takes over to highlight a cryptic atmospheric crescendo. 

The trascendental darkness of the title track is embedded within the dense blackened guitar riffs and the mournful phrases are destined to flourish through the monumental doomed rhythmic maze so the resulting gelid melodic passages can easily evoke overwhelming crestfallen emotions. 

(0) arise like a mysterious entity and “SkamHan” definitely symbolizes the arcane nature of the band’s chosen music pathway offering a fascinating blend of  fierce blackened blasts and hypnotizing atmospheres. 

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